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 User Description:   The Best Escape Room Games For The Gamers   Lost Reality Escape is the newest spot you, your family, and friends can enjoy on weekdays and weekends. Often known as an escape game, it is a game in which a team of players find clues, solve puzzles and execute tasks in one or more rooms in a cooperative way in order to advance and achieve a particular objective in a limited period of time. This type of activity is excellent for creating a bond, friendship, and unity. If you are celebrating a birthday or social event with friends or building comradery with a team in your workplace, Escape Room Perth is the perfect place for everyone.  The game can be played well by anyone with an interest in a friendly, fast-paced social gathering or team-building exercise! This is for all ages and all levels of puzzle-solving experience. The best part is that there is a constant change in the game, puzzle, and style, which you will not experience twice. Don't wait any longer and book your next event, date night, or social gathering with us. We know you're going to have a fun-filled, exciting day that you'll never forget. Call us today, choose a room, and start planning the event!

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